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membership1When YOU become a member or renew your membership with the Society for Humanistic Judaism, you will find a community that shares your beliefs, engages both your heart and mind, and supports you in times of joy and sorrow. You can increase the impact of the Humanistic Jewish voice on issues of importance to you. Your membership can help strengthen the Humanistic Jewish movement. If you believe that cultural Judaism is important to the survival of the Jewish people, and that secular and Humanistic Jews need an organized voice, join or renew with SHJ. For membership outside the United States, please contact the SHJ.


Membership and Support

As a member of the SHJ, you are connected to a world-wide movement that gives voice to the ideas and values of Humanistic Judaism, ideas and values that you share. You will find SHJ communities across North America that welcome everyone – young and old, singles and families, intercultural families and their children, the LGBTQ community.




You can join or renew your membership with SHJ as an independent member or become a member of an SHJ community. Independent memberships start at $95. However you choose to join our Humanistic Jewish family, you will receive the same individual benefits. New members receive the Guide to Humanistic Judaism. All members receive a subscription to the Humanistic Judaism magazine; Member Exclusive e-newsletters; invitations to conferences and seminars for youth and adults; support in creating local Humanistic Jewish congregations, communities, and havurot; access to resources and assistance from SHJ staff for life-cycle and holiday celebrations; and much more. As an independent member you will have opportunities to connect online with other independent members. And if you join an SHJ community, you will benefit from all that SHJ does to support and strengthen your community.



Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership ensures that YOU, your children, your grandchildren, or a valued friend always will have a connection to Humanistic Judaism. As a Lifetime Member, you will know that you are creating an enduring gift to secure your legacy, supporting Humanistic Judaism into the future, from generation to generation. Everyone is invited to become a Lifetime Member of SHJ, whatever your age, young or old, SHJ community or individual member. A gift of a Lifetime Membership can welcome a baby, mark a bar or bat mitzvah, or celebrate a marriage, anniversary, or birthday, while at the same time helping to instill your values and philosophy in your loved ones. A one-time donation of $1,800 connects the Lifetime Member to Humanistic Judaism throughout their life. Each year, the Lifetime Membership Fund will pay SHJ dues for all Lifetime Members.


Student Membership

Student Membership ($25 US; $40 Canadian; $50 other foreign) is available for full-time students through the age of 25. Please send proof of age and current student ID. Student members receive invitations to youth conferences and all publications of the Society.


Gift Memberships

Consider sharing the benefits you enjoy as a member of SHJ with someone you care about by purchasing a Gift Membership. Simply complete the appropriate section of the membership form and SHJ will notify the recipient of your gift.


Tax Deductible

The Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Donations to the SHJ, including membership dues, are tax-deductible as provided by law.


We look forward to welcoming YOU into our Humanistic Jewish family.


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