communitiesHumanistic Judaism is a compelling alternative in Jewish life. Humanistic communities, congregations, and havurot provide warm and supportive environments in which to celebrate a cultural Jewish identity, while affirming the values of humanism. In a technological age of isolation and searching, many especially enjoy the opportunities for connection and support provided by belonging to a local SHJ community. Establishing a connection with like-minded individuals, being inspired by the message of Humanistic Judaism, sharing holiday celebrations and life cycles, providing educational opportunities for adults and children, encouraging community service, and sharing the joys and concerns of every-day life are just some of the reasons Humanistic Jews find joining communities meaningful.


SHJ communities and congregations:


  • Meet the needs of those who seek a Judaism consistent with their contemporary lifestyle and values;
  • Provide a Judaism that is compatible with the secular perspective of young people today;
  • Offer a meaningful way for those who identify themselves as “just Jewish” to celebrate their Jewish identity;
  • Provide a welcoming environment for the intermarried to affirm their attachment to Jewish culture and community;
  • Establish an environment for those not born Jewish to participate equally in all aspects of Humanistic Jewish communal life;
  • Affirm a welcoming place for the LGBTQ or LGBTI community;
  • Create a path back to Judaism for the unaffiliated;
  • Embrace and welcome all those who seek to identify with the Jewish people.


SHJ communities may be found across North America. If you can’t find a community near you, discover how you can create a community with other Humanistic Jews in your area. If you are already involved in operating an SHJ-affiliated community, find resources and best-practices to grow your community.


To learn more about SHJ communities and what they can offer you, contact Rabbi Miriam Jerris.