Humanistic Jewish Life

Humanistic Jewish Life



Living our lives as Humanistic Jews involves a variety of activities. These include the celebration of Jewish holidays and the cycle of life. Celebration is a universal activity. All cultures set aside time for public festivals in order to reinforce group solidarity and to mobilize for survival. Humanistic Jews do so in ways that are consistent with our philosophy. Humanistic Jewish celebrations include readings, prose, poetry, music, and original compositions that dramatize the importance of community and the natural, historic, and human origins of the celebration.



Furthermore, the Society expresses its commitment to creating a better world through community service, the positions the SHJ takes and the resolutions adopted that express our values as Humanistic Jews and our connection to and relationship with the people and the State of Israel.


hhhconcertWe demonstrate our connection to Humanistic Jewish life with two annual programs. The Society chooses a Humanistic Jewish Role Model to give our members the opportunity to identify with well-known individuals who expressed their Jewish identity culturally and with whom SHJ members can identify. The Society shares  educational material and programs so that the communities, whether large or small, can join in recognizing and promoting the current role model. The second program honors a deserving and a long-time committed SHJ member by bestowing them with the Sherwin T. Wine Lifetime Achievement Award.