Church and State

Society for Humanistic Judaism Supports Separation of Church and State

The Society for Humanistic Judaism embraces the historic importance of the separation of church and state and the guarantee of religious liberty expressed in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

As we dedicate ourselves to the standard established by the First Amendment, we acknowledge that it enables individuals to freely make choices concerning religion or non-religion, free from the imposition of the ideologies of others. We affirm that the imposition of religious doctrine, when facilitated by government action, is a violation of these Constitutional guarantees.

The intentions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, which includes “freedom of conscience and religion,” are reflected in this statement.

We affirm that among government’s responsibilities is the protection of the rights of individuals and groups to practice their religions. We affirm not only the freedom to practice religion as one chooses, but also the freedom not to practice any religion and not to be subjected to government action that supports any particular religion or that favors religion, in general, over non-religion.

— April 28, 2006