Katrina Relief



Farmington Hills, MI, August 31, 2005 — We have all been stunned by the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, which has ravaged large areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, leaving in its wake devastation unlike any this country has seen. Tens of thousands remain homeless in the affected area, while more than 50,000 people are being relocated from the Superdome to temporary shelters in Texas. There has been untold loss of life, families have been ripped apart, towns wiped out, and buildings washed away. Those heading the relief efforts predict that it will be months before people can return to the stricken areas. As fellow human beings and as Humanistic Jews, our hearts and minds are engaged in seeking ways to support the massive relief efforts necessary. Several organizations have begun special relief efforts in response to this natural disaster. The Society for Humanistic Judaism is urging its congregations and members to support the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts through donations to the United Jewish Communities (UJC) or your local Jewish Federation. The Federations are already the beneficiary of efforts by Humanistic Jewish congregations who support their local campaign efforts.


Humanistic congregations embrace a human-centered philosophy that celebrates Jewish culture and identity. Our belief is in the human capacity to create a better world rather than in reliance on a supernatural power or an omniscient deity,” said Bonnie Cousens, Executive Director of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. It is up to us to effect changes, to care for our fellow human beings. The performance of acts of tzedakah (charity), a core value of Judaism, are intrinsic to a full expression of Humanistic Judaism.


Donations to the United Jewish Communities humanitarian relief fund will aid members of the general and Jewish communities touched by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, the Western Florida panhandle and other affected areas. Making a contribution is easy: Go to www.ujc.org, click on Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund, and complete the online form. Or you may send your donation to the Society for Humanistic Judaism, 28611 West Twelve Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334, or to your local Jewish Federation.


For more information, contact the Society for Humanistic Judaism.