Mosque Burning Condemned

Society for Humanistic Judaism Condemns Burning of Mosque

Whereas, as Humanists, we believe that every person has the right to dignity and respect;

Whereas, as Jews, whose people have experienced violence, persecution, and desecration of temples and synagogues, we abhor violence directed against any persons or property for reasons of belief; and

Whereas, as Humanistic Jews, we support and defend the right of all people to practice their religion, if any, and to express their beliefs in peace, free from threats or reprisals,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Society for Humanistic Judaism strongly condemns the recent burning of a mosque in Tuba-Zangaria, Israel, and other acts of anti-Muslim violence, as well as any acts of violence against other religious organizations or their adherents based on the principles on which they choose to guide their lives.

— October 30, 2011