Olympic Games

Humanistic Jews Endorse Moment of Silence at Olympic Games

in Commemoration of Israeli Athletes Murdered at Munich Games in 1972


The 40th anniversary of the 1972 Olympics murders is upon us. Despite tens of thousands of requests for a moment of silence during the opening ceremonies on July 27 in London, the International Olympic Committee (the governing body of the Olympics) has refused to acknowledge at the opening ceremonies (viewed by millions around the world), the tragic deaths of 11 Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists on September 5, 1972, at the Munich Olympic Games.


Therefore, be it resolved that the SHJ supports the commemoration of the Israeli Olympians murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Olympics and strongly recommends that its members add their names to the many calling for a moment of silence at the Summer Olympics (see: https://www.change.org/oneminute)


— July 2012