September 11

Humanistic Jews Speak Out on Terrorist Attack on United States

The Society for Humanistic Judaism expresses its concern and compassion for the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th and the more recent attacks through the postal system. As Humanistic Jews, we reach out in sympathy to all those grieving the loss of loved ones, to their families, and to their communities.

In this time of crisis we must be ruled by caution, not by fear. We must not yield to depression or despair. As human beings we will never be invulnerable, but we can act wisely to limit and reduce our vulnerability.

We express our support for the innocent Sikh, Arab, and Muslim communities who are suffering harassment, threats, or attacks. As Jews, we know what it is to face prejudice and pernicious charges of divided loyalty. We oppose the targeting of any group of human beings for blanket condemnation or reprisal for the crimes committed by individuals who share their ethnicity or faith. We must respect each others dignity and the right of everyone to equal protection under the law.

— November 6, 2001