SHJ Condemns Executive Order On Immigration



As Humanistic Jews, we note that the fate of the Jewish people has been inextricably bound to issues of immigration and asylum for millennia;SHJ Protest Signs 2-2-17-2


As Humanistic Jews, we have a moral obligation to assist refugees fleeing armed conflict, repression or religious and ethnic persecution;


As Humanistic Jews, we affirm the values of human dignity, compassion, and equality;


As Humanistic Jews, we deplore President Trump’s 2017 Executive Order which suspends travel to the United States from seven  predominantly Muslim nationalities — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen;


As Humanistic Jews, we condemn the scapegoating of certain groups based on irrational fears that are not supported by evidence;


As Humanistic Jews, we fear this Executive Order will label citizens of these countries as terrorists with no basis in fact or evidence; the evidence shows that zero refugees from countries included in the Executive Order have killed anyone in terrorist attacks on American soil;


As Humanistic Jews, we recognize that separation of church and state is a fundamental tenet in western democracies; therefore, we reject President Trump’s opportunistic prioritizing of Christian over Muslim refugees to fuel further distrust among religious groups, rather than acknowledging the varied criteria already in place for vetting asylum-seekers of all religious backgrounds;


As Humanistic Jews, we condemn the lack of compassion and respect to all our fellow human beings;


Therefore, be it resolved that:


The Society for Humanistic Judaism urges the Trump Administration to rescind the Executive Order on immigration.  


To that end, the Society for Humanistic Judaism urges Humanistic Jews to speak out and protest against this action that violates basic tenets of humanity and reason and applauds education on why the Executive Order on immigration goes against our fundamental values as a democratic nation. 


The Society for Humanistic Judaism also supports efforts to provide sanctuary to refugees from any nation in need of such accommodations.



— February 2, 2017