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A Humanistic Seder: The Birmingham Temple Haggadah

Written by Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick, Artwork by Sarah Doré Brooks


“A Humanistic Seder” is the haggadah of The Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. Written by Humanistic Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick, it follows the traditional order of the celebration, providing contemporary commentary and interpretation for all of your favorite traditions.




A Humanistic Seder The BT Haggadah Cover

The Humanist Haggadah

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


A guide for Humanistic Jews who want to celebrate Passover with integrity. Rabbi Wine explains the symbols and tells the real story of Passover. The Passover Seder at which this Haggadah is read provides a setting of family love and unity in which all Jews can rededicate themselves to the ideal of human freedom.


Roots and Branches: A Humanist Haggadah for Passover

by Sandi Horwitz, Barry N. Olshen and Lisa Wright


Provides the basis for a unique, contemporary approach to the Passover celebration. “Roots” suggests the traditional story and its associations. “Branches”refers to those Jewish exodus experiences that have shaped the development of modern Jewry and that have been incorporated into our new Passover liturgy. In addition to Torah and prophetic excerpts, you will find many illustrious voices from our modern literature, including Yehudah Amichai, Judy Chicago, Amos Oz, and Elie Wiesel. Weaving poetry and prose with artwork and with our own ritualized and evocative language, we have created a unified, educational, and inspiring seder for contemporary North American Jewry.



Haggadah for Passover

created by Rabbi Daniel Friedman


This spiral-bound Haggadah includes an instruction sheet for the leader that makes it possible for anyone to conduct a meaningful and enjoyable home seder.


Children’s Haggadah for Passover

by Rabbi Daniel Friedman


Created for a congregational Sunday school, this spiral-bound Haggadah is appropriate for pre-bar or bat mitzvah age children. Accompanied by an instruction sheet for enhancing the seder, this Haggadah involves children in a seder they will understand and enjoy. Suitable for home or classroom, the seder is complete despite its brevity.

Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophic Guide For Humanists and Humanistic Jews

(soft cover)

by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine


Though this book will appeal to all humanists, it will have special meaning for those Jews who value their Jewish identity but no longer feel a significant connection to conventional religion – those whose experience of Judaism is ethnic but also secular. This book seeks to dramatize, in prose, poetry, and song, what secular and humanistic Jews feel about their heritage.




Holiday Manuals


Originally issued as special editions of Humanistic Judaism Journal, these guides help us celebrate Jewish holidays in a secular world.  Each holiday manual includes the history of the holiday, celebrations, guides for creating your own celebrations, stories, and much more.


The High Holidays


A Hanukka Manual

Tu Bi-shevat


A Passover Manual



Holiday Resource Kits


Our holiday kits are designed for families and communities to enrich their celebration of the Jewish holidays. Kits include the story of the holiday, celebrations for home and community, a children’s section with stories and arts and crafts activities, recipes, songs, and more. Kits are available for:


The High Holidays


Tu Bi-Shevat






Torah Commentaries

by Albert L. Reiner


A collection of Shabbat and holiday commentaries on the Torah. Rather than viewing belief in God, practice of ritual, or observance of halakha as the sine qua non of Jewishness, these presentations view Torah as a source of the ideals, humanity, and idioms that are our heritage.


Torah Commentaries


The Shabbes Book

by Paul Shane  


An exploration of the history of Shabbes, the various ways it has been observed, its relevance for Secular Humanistic Jews, and Shabbes celebrations.  Spiral bound photocopy of the publication by IISHJ.

Apples & Honey: Music and Readings for a Secular Humanistic Observance of the Jewish New Year Festival

edited by Julie Gales & Pat Martz


Highly readable, well-organized information on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Provides history, readings, and songs for inclusion in Secular Humanistic New Year celebrations.


Nobody Knows My Name: A Hanukka Tale to Color

by Marilyn Rowens


A story for Hanukka for children to color their way and save to read over and over again. Here is a tale of children who are not very famous but do something brave and important to save Hanukka.


The Hanukka Festival

by Hershl Hartman


Like the author’s Jewish New Year Festival, this is a “guide for the rest of us” – those who identify with Jewish culture – imparts a factual understanding of the festival’s origins and traditions so it may be celebrated meaningfully and joyously in its own right.