Life Cycles

Life Cycles


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Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophic Guide For Humanists and Humanistic Jews

(soft cover)

by Sherwin T. Wine


Though this book will appeal to all humanists, it will have special meaning for those Jews who value their Jewish identity but no longer feel a significant connection to conventional religion – those whose experience of Judaism is ethnic but also secular. This book seeks to dramatize, in prose, poetry, and song, what secular and humanistic Jews feel about their heritage.


Celebrating Life’s Passages


A life cycle compendium bringing together information about the development and observance of life cycle events with ceremonies and celebrations created by and for Humanistic Jews. Includes observances for birth and adoption, bar and bat mitsva, marriage, intermarriage & commitment, and death.


Coming of Age: A Bar/Bat Mitsva Manual


The journal Humanistic Judaism presents a guide to the celebration of a secular humanistic bar and bat mitsva, including the history and meaning of mitsva celebrations, ideas for structuring a training program, and sample services.




The journal Humanistic Judaism looks at intermarriage – at our unique approach to the issue and at some of the questions that arise for an intermarried family.


A Manual for Death, Dying, and Bereavement


The journal Humanistic Judaism presents a philosophical and practical guide to a humanistic Jewish view of death, dying, and bereavement. Includes an explanation of traditional and humanistic rituals and a sampling of humanistic memorial services.


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