Youth Programs

Youth Programs



The Society for Humanistic Judaism’s commitment to Jewish continuity forms the foundation of its youth programs. Dedicated to providing positive Jewish experiences for cultural Jews, the Society and its communities create supportive environments for youth — Sunday schools, congregational youth groups, post-mitzvah educational programs, university programs, and youth conferences. Offering a way for Jewish youth who identify themselves as “just Jewish,” culturally Jewish, or half-Jewish to celebrate their Jewish identity, Humanistic Judaism creates an inclusive, nurturing environment for Jewish youth and their families, encouraging their involvement in Jewish life.


Many SHJ congregations and communities provide youth education for pre-schoolers through high school graduates, either through formal Sunday school programs or Bar and Bat Mitzvah training.



SHJ’s HuJews Youth Program provides connections – conferences, internet chatlists & Facebook pages, social justice projects, Israel trips — through which many disengaged teens and college students can discover a meaningful and relevant Judaism.


Humanistic Judaism provides a significant Jewish alternative on college campuses for many unaffiliated Jews seeking ways to connect to Judaism. Shabbat in a dorm, holiday programs, and more help students explore Humanistic Judaism.


SHJ’s youth programs provide a connection for Humanistic Jewish youth as they progress from pre-school to Sunday school, to bar and bat mitzvah, into youth group, college and beyond, enabling them to develop a strong Jewish identity coupled with Humanistic values as they mature into adulthood.