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Jews for a Secular Democracy


Jews for a Secular Democracy (JFASD) is a pluralistic initiative of the Society for Humanistic Judaism ( to counter the influence of religion on government, by galvanizing the Jewish community to defend the constitutional separation of church and state. JFASD provides a uniquely Jewish perspective on religion-state separation by drawing on Jewish teachings, history, and experience to educate, advocate, and mobilize the Jewish community into action on the issues.


JFASD seeks a part-time Community Organizer/Program Coordinator to oversee all aspects of the initiative. The position is paid as an independent contractor at $20-$25/hr for 12-15 hours/week, depending on experience, and will work in close collaboration with the SHJ executive director, staff, and board leadership. Can work remotely from any major U.S. metro area.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying, engaging, coordinating, and networking a cohort of volunteer thought leaders, including experts, authors, scholars, and other legal and Judaic thinkers, who will deliver the intellectual content behind the advocacy and programs;
  • Identifying, engaging, coordinating, and networking a cohort of volunteer grassroots organizers, who will shape the intellectual content into actionable programs and events;
  • Facilitating the sharing of ideas and best practices between the two abovementioned cohorts;
  • Collating materials created and lessons learned from on-the-ground pilot efforts into replicable programs and curriculum;
  • Fostering partnerships on the local and national levels among Jewish communal and secular social justice organizations, across institutional and denominational lines;
  • Mobilizing Jews of all denominations, friends, and family members to participate in JFASD programs;
  • Advocating for the cause publicly and overseeing the JFASD online and social media presence;
  • Tracking the benchmarks for outputs, outcomes, and expenditures, and accurately reporting them at least quarterly;
  • And working closely with the staff and volunteer leadership of the Society for Humanistic Judaism toward the success of the JFASD initiative.


Qualifications required include:

  • At least 2+ years of experience in community organizing and programming, ideally in the Jewish or Secular social justice space;
  • Deep understanding of the organized Jewish community and of the issues related to the First Amendment freedom of religion;
  • Proven ability to motivate people to action and grow participation;
  • An existing network of fellow activists and a significant social media reach;
  • Organized and self-directed in determining specific tasks to undertake in order to achieve stated larger goals;
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills and positive interpersonal skills.


To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to:

Paul Golin, Executive Director, Society for Humanistic Judaism


In your cover letter please explain how your experience matches the above responsibilities and qualifications. 

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