Personal Meaning, Advocacy for Inclusion
“My light is in me. And in you.”
What's the Difference
How Judaism “independent of a supernatural authority” works.
Radical Inclusion
Full equality and celebration of LGBTQ+, multiracial, and interfaith / intercultural households, and anyone adopting Humanistic Judaism.
Jewish Holidays
How Humanistic Jews celebrate, including non-theistic liturgy addressing the human experience.
Joyous Community
Connect with smart, fun-loving, like-minded people near you and online!
Cultural B Mitzvah
Youth education empowers next-gen HuJews to say only what they believe while connecting to their heritage.
Become an Organizer
Bring Humanistic Judaism’s meaning and values to your community.
Social Justice
Jews for a Secular Democracy is a pluralistic initiative of SHJ promoting separation of church and state from a Jewish perspective.
Support the Cause
Join SHJ and help us share the meaning with all who may benefit.
Hanukkah is Coming!
December 10
Wherever You Live!

Here comes eight crazy nights! Whether Hanukkah is your favorite holiday or just your second-favorite, it’s fun, you eat oily foods and get stuff, what’s not to like?! Members of SHJ will receive a special Hanukkah insert in the mail and we will post it online soon, along with more illumination about the meaning of the holiday for Humanistic Jews! And you can always learn more about Hanukkah here.

Enter the Society
Merging the best of Jewish tradition with a modern philosophy of life for over 50 years!

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