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Winter 2022 - Pluralism

Issue highlights:

Jewish Pluralism — SHJ Executive Director Paul Golin reflects on the ways that communal Jewish spaces can be more inclusive of Humanistic perspectives.

Jewish Pluralism in Israel — Rabbi Dr. Avi Rose speaks of the benefits and challenges of being a Humanistic Jew in a country that has a mixed record on respecting the rights of those who practice and/or identify with non-Orthodox Judaism.

We Belong — Jeanne Snodgrass discusses the place of Humanistic Jews in pluralistic educational spaces.

A Passing of the Torch — Rabbi Dr. Avi Rose recounts the conference that included his own ordination as a Secular Humanistic Rabbi. Meet all six of the new rabbis.

On Becoming a Humanistic Rabbi — And speaking of rabbis, we hear from SHJ President Mary Raskin and Jeffrey Schesnol on their upcoming rabbinic ordination.

Commentary — Cary Shaw on receiving the Sherwin T. Wine Lifetime Achievement Award.

Points of View — Martin Di Maggio responds to Rabbi Dr. Tzemah Yoreh’s article in HJ Magazine’s Fall 2021 issue on Neurodiversity. In Aspie and Proud, he shares his experiences.

Some articles (and a preview edition) are available online to all; the entire issue is available for subscribers.

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