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Interviews with Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine

(1 DVD)


In 2 half hour interviews, Rabbi Sherwin Wine responds to questions about the history and philosophy of Humanistic Judaism and our approach to creating inclusive communities celebrating Jewish culture.



Introduction to Judaism: A Humanist Perspective

(1 DVD)


In a series of 4 one-and-a-half hour presentations, Rabbi Sherwin Wine explores the story of Humanistic Judaism. In this 4 session program, Rabbi Wine addresses:

  • Jewish Enlightenment
  • Jewish Nationalism
  • The American Jewish Experience
  • The Humanistic Jewish Movement



Introduction to Humanistic Judaism: Judaism Beyond God

(2 DVD set)


Rabbi Sherwin Wine introduces Humanistic Judaism in 10 lectures. Includes lectures on Jewish history, Jewish identity, ethics, the Secular Revolution, holidays and life cycle celebrations, and Jewish literature.



Trailblazers of Humanistic Judaism: Judaism Beyond God

(1 DVD)


Rabbi Sherwin Wine introduces the viewer to the precursors and kindred spirits of Humanistic Judaism. They are the philosophers whose ideas form the foundation of Humanistic Judaism.